CovenantCon 2019

When Rikki Mendias first imagined CovenantCon, the primary objective of his dream was to create the very first convention, or “Con”, that gave back to the community.

In the sneaker world annual conventions, like ComplexCon or SneakerCon, are held to celebrate everything from pop culture to innovation. However, for the population Hav A Sole serves, these individuals have only seen pictures of these festivals advertised on social media or in magazines.

This changed on June 15th, 2019 when Los Angeles came together to give generously to the residents of the Covenant House, an organization that provides housing and supportive services to youth facing homelessness.


CovenantCon took place on the basketball court where our partners brought the festival to life. A DJ played music from his speakers, the aroma of soul food filled the air, and our partners joined forces to celebrate the youth that call the Covenant House home.

In addition to fresh sneakers, the event included Jason Markk, Nike, The Real 92.3fm, an airbrush sneaker artist, food, music, and even a raffle giveaway.

During the event dancing was encouraged, beaming smiles were exchanged, and heartfelt connections were made. Along with the items the kids left with in-hand, the memories produced by CovenantCon will last a lifetime.

David Skinner brought Hav A Sole’s vision to life by designing a sneaker wall constructed of industrial pallets, bringing our a retail experience to another level.

New Republice donated sneakers that were airbrushed LA based artist, Ghetto Picasso.

Nike provided insight into what it’s like to work for the brand, along with special knowledge around the inventory that they donate to Hav A Sole.

In addition to receiving a fresh pair of sneakers from Hav A Sole, Jason Markk setup a booth to clean the shoes that the youth walked in with.

Wendy Adamson, author of Mother Load donated five copies of her recent book to the CovCon Raffle.