LA native born and raised but hails from Puerto Rican descent. His love for the city is in his veins and in true fashion loves the Dodgers and Lakers to name a few. The players he holds near and dear to his heart are Jackie Robinson for breaking the color barrier to play baseball and Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality mindset to “Just Be Better”. Nohan has carried the same passion and commitment for sports into his commitment to his community by building investing in our urban youth and being a team player to see others grow and win. Aside from serving his community, his true calling is living life with his amazing boys and beautiful wife. Family is where love, joy and support truly is important in order to share that to others around the world.

Reliable, Passionate, Innovator, Initiator, Born Leader, Public Speaker/Storyteller, Master of His Craft.

This is why Fuel Pasión Podcast was born. Understanding the ever-changing cultura and its stories that inspires others. Our faith in God and the hope we find in Him in our toughest moments and conexiones. My mentor once told me, “We suffer in isolation but heal in community”. Stay connected and always network.