At first glance one might think Hav A Sole is all about shoes and yet, there is actually more meaning to our shoes than initially meets the eye. While the shoes we give serve a practical purpose, they also provide an intimate way to connect with one another, which is ultimately what Hav A Sole all about – the people. From the at-risk youth and homeless population we serve, to the people generously donating their time, money and effort to support our mission, Hav A Sole would not be what it is today without the beauty encompassed through human connection. 

     Every individual who has contributed to Hav A Sole has helped to turn this dream into a reality, and this month, we would like to give a special thanks to Ayyde from Big Boy’s Neighborhood. Since Hav A Sole began, Ayyde has graciously volunteered her time and effort by putting countless shoes on the feet of those in need and using her media presence as a conduit to spread the word about Hav A Sole’s mission.

     As if that wasn’t incredible enough, at the end of March, Ayyde rallied up support for Hav A Sole by hosting a shoe drive in honor of her birthday at participating Shoe Palaces in Long Beach, Inglewood, West Hollywood, and Compton. The momentum she created in honor of Hav A Sole was so inspiring, in just two weeks her followers donated a total of 323 sneakers!

     On behalf of the Hav A Sole Organization we would like to thank Ayyde, Shoe Palace, and everyone who participated in the shoe drive. You all have made a difference in the lives that we serve with your heartfelt contributions and have continued to help make the dream of Hav A Sole a reality.