Last night we had the pleasure of being honored at the Covenant House’s Dream event but before we go into how incredible it was, I want to share a quote from our partner Alana Weinroth last night.

“Every young person deserves shelter 🏠, clothing 👖, support 🙌 , and most importantly to be loved 💙.

If you’ve met our young people before you’d know that the least interesting thing about them is that they’re homeless.

They are artists 🎨 they are musicians 🎻they are photographers 📸 they are are stylists, they are the most resilient 💪 and beautiful 🌹humans that I have ever met”

We are beyond humbled for the amount of support from William Bedrossian, Alana Weinroth & all of our partners at Covenant House California for last night & every event over the past 4 years. That being said, we are far more grateful to have been able to spend time, share stories, & build relationships with the amazing young people that Alana so perfectly describes in her quote above. Thank you Covenant House California for the amazing work that you do & we look forward to the years and years to come 🙏